A couple of months ago, I saw an ad on facebook for this company. I was in touch with them to regarding getting my air ducts cleaned. I decided to hold off because I decided to change my entire HVAC system. They didn’t push or put pressure on me to get this done. After scheduling my HVAC installation, the company suggested that I get my ducts cleaned right away to ensure that my system is running optimally. Low and behold, this was the same company that I was looking into. My HVAC company said that this company is great!

Today, during the installation, The technicians from Quack Quack Air Duct Cleaning arrived on the nose at their scheduled appointment time. Even though they knew that I had a new system installed, they wanted to check the coil and equipment for themselves. Sure enough, they spotted a huge tear in the duct work that somehow the HVAC company missed. The HVAC company then fixed the issue.

Jeremy and his colleague were very professional and were here for a little under 3 hours. They wore their masks and was respectful of the dogs and my property. The price was exactly what was quoted with no upselling.